About Us
Orion is one of the fastest emerging Engineering Company in the field of Water and Waste Water treatment, Hydropnuematic system and plumbing contract. The company is into this industry for past twelve years specializing to manage the complete water management and offers comprehensive solutions in water treatment and management. The complete cycle of water management starts from pretreatment ,process to separate water and waste from the waste water, post treatment , water recycle and recovered byproduct for reuse again for process. The complete water management is instrumental in clients’ satisfaction to meet the environmental concern, also by ensuring Zero discharge on water management. The company doesn’t stops on treatment alone also ensures the supply of treated water to the desired point of use for the various process and demand as per the requirement for the utility. By doing this our responsibility involves and extends in offering the pumps and Hydropnuematic or pressure boosting system products to pump the water. Moreover beyond treatment and distribution we ensure the total routing, laying, fixing installation of pipeline, with necessary fittings and fixtures.

By offering this comprehensive package from a single point we ensure that the water is purely treated, pumped and distributed with proper care. Also our saying of complete water management is to preserve, purify, treat, secure and conserve the water for future and reduce the capital and operating cost for organizations, institutions and community.

We are the single point solution provider for the following specialized area in water:
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment.
  • Pressure Boosting or Hydro pneumatic system and pumps.
  • Plumbing installations and contracts.
  • Servicing , Operation and Maintenance
Our organization takes proper care for maintain the plants and system by undertaking the maintenance contracts on both comprehensively and Non comprehensively. We also have a qualified set of teams to operate and maintain the plant by 24 X 7 to meet the extensive satisfaction on our products and services offered.

We have various products for various application and process for the industries like Breweries & Distilleries, Electronics, Garments, Automobiles, Oil and refineries, Cement, Power plant, Paper, Sugar, Rubber & Tyres, Space research, Education institutions and Research and development,Chemicals,Pharma, Food & Beverage etc..,
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