Carbon Filter



Pretreatment to any water treatment plant to reduce free chlorine from 1ppm to non detectable levels
Industrial Specific
Hotels                           Pharmaceuticals
Farm Houses              Electronics
Mineral Water              Hospitals
Pretreatment to ion exchange / membrane separation process
Feature   Benefit
Pre fabricated units   Easy to install and commission
Skid Mounted   No civil work required
Moldes based on flow rates   Ease os selection
Just four frontal PVC pipes   Lower inventory of spares
Single lever operated multiport plastc valve   Ease of operation minimize human error
FRP Pressure vessel   Low Manitenance
Only four frontal PVC piping   Low spares inventory
Service location across breakdown the country   Speedy rectification reducingtime
Advantages over conventional activated carbon filter
Cost reduction compared with conventional mild steel constructed vessels   Upto 15% due to
Lower transportation cost
Speedy installation
No concrete foundation
Little Manitenance
Intangible   Aesthetic


Feature   Benefit
Top mounted single   Rigid and long lasting
Internal protection ( Bituminous paint or rubbed lined)   Protection against Corrosion
External Protection ( Red Oxide Primer )    
Diaphragm/Butterfly Valves ( Based on flow )   Ease of operating the valves manually
Pressure guage at inlet and outlet   At a glance one can know the status of plant
Strict quality controlled activated carbon media   Expect to reduce the media only after a year


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