chemical dosing systems are designed to economically meet the need for accurate and precise chemical dosages for water and waste water treatment and reverseosmosis systems. chemical dosing systems are state of- the-art electronic metering pumps which are mounted on a plastic chemical solution tank.The electronic metering pumps are solenoid driven diaphragm type. The diaphragm is made of high quality fabric reinforced EPDM. The body is made up of PVC or polypropylene, suitable for most water and waste water treatment applications. Other materials such as acrylic, Teflon and AISI - 316 can be provided depending on the liquid to be dosed. The  dosing system consists of a solution tank, pump and accessories, which may include a reverse switch, suction strainer, high speed mixer and an additional pump. chemical dosing systems can be connected to a range of INDION instruments, such as pH controllers, Redox potential controllers, chlorine analysers or flow meters, which will make the system automatic.


  1. General
    1. Accurate dosing of chemicals in water to be conditioned.
    1. Industry specific Hospitals, Mineral Water, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Hotels, Food & Beverages, Sugar, Textiles, Farm Houses, Restaurants

- Inorganic coagulants such as alum andferric chloride.

- Organic flocculants of various grades.

- Corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalies.

    1. - Antiscalant such as SHMP and Flocon 100.

Selection of Dosing System

To select the appropriate dosing system for a specific application clearly indicate :

(a) Chemical to be dosed.
(b) Capacity in l/h.
(c) Maximum back pressure in the system.


One electronic diaphragm type meteringpump.

One plastic chemical solution tank with lid.

One foot valve with strainer fitter on pump suction assembly.

One tank level switch fitted on pump suctionassembly.
Note : A level switch stops the pump whenliquid in the tank falls below a certain level
and lights a red L.E.D. on the pump


Standardised units

Dosing Pumps On flow Back pressure

Mounted on top of dosing tank

Instrument responsive

Operates on single phase power supply

FRP dosing tank

PP/PVC/PTFE wetted parts

Low level switch an integral part

Provision for stroke length & frequency adjustment – manually

Remote functions (based on 4-20 mA signal) like auto stop of dosing pump

FRP dosing tank

PP/PVC/PTFE wetted parts of dosing pump

Plastic tubing as level indicatorsService  network -  across the country


Easy to select

Easy to install

Auto functions like tripping, adjustment on flow or pH

Use of power voltage makes the system easy to operate

Corrosion resistant and  light weight

Corrosion resistant, can be used for all kinds of solutions

Automatic tripping






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