Rotating Biological Contactor




The RBC STP is the most compact “all in one” system available. The civil works are minimal, consisting of a flat concrete support slab. The units are fully covered preventing NOISE and FLY nuisance.  It is a modular unit that lends itself to future expansion or relocation.

The Treated sewage water can be discharged into the public sewer and will meet the requirement of pollution control norms laid down by state pollution control board. The treated water can be reused for Flushing, gardening and landscaping.


Bar Screen:

Raw sewage from the source is usually received into the bar screen chamber by gravity. Screen provided will remove all floating and big size matter such as plastic bottles, polythene bags, glasses, stones, etc., which may otherwise choke the pipeline and pumps.

Sewage Transfer:

The sewage transfer pump will be installed near the equalization tank and the transfer distance is not recommended more than 5 meters. The transfer pump recommended by us is non-submersible type for this application.

Primary Settlement: The plant is designed for receiving raw sewage and settling the gross solids without recourse to mechanical means.  It incorporates Lamella or parallel plates to enhance efficiency and utilization of space. The Primary Settlement zone reduces the Suspended Solids by 75% and the BOD by 25% to 30%.  This zone is relatively maintenance free and contains no moving mechanical or electrical devices.  Lockable MSEP / GRP covers with easy man access and sufficient ventilation are provided. The recirculation from the system and the return of humus sludge into the primary settlement zone inhibits the settled effluent from becoming anaerobic, which prevents bad odour.

Aerobic Treatment: The settled sewage is treated by means of an efficient and compact system (the Aerator Biozone) requiring minimal power input and maintenance.  It is a combined fixed film reactor and active aeration system mounted on a horizontal shaft.  The rotational media is a spiral formation enclosed in an outer drum to provide active aeration, intense surface area and net hydraulic lift. The Biozone is self-cleansing and no extraneous pumping or sludge returns are required. For process efficiency it is, in effect, a plug flow system. The Aerator is fitted on the sludge storage tank and covered.

Final Settlement: The Final Settlement or Humus Tank is a discrete compartment denying ingress of untreated or partially treated liquor.  The design is similar to the Primary Settlement Tank on an upward flow basis.

Sludge Storage Tank: Sludge Storage Tank is provided in the base of the units.  Depending on the load applied there is approximately 24 weeks capacity provided.

Sodium Hypo Chlorite Dosing System: Dosing of Sodium hypochlorite helps in disinfecting the water and making it suitable and safe for gardening.  The chemical is dosed by means of an electronic dosing pump wherein a facility is available for manual control of stroke length and / or stroke frequency.

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