Sand Filter

Feature   Benefit
Suitable for filtration upto 50ppm of suspended solids   Ideal for filtering water
Unit dimensions fixed i.e., diameter and height on straight   Ease of selection
Flow rates upto 210 m3/h    
Operating Pressure fixed at 3.5 Kg/cm2g   Operates at optimum pressure
Use two grades of sand in specific proportion   Ensure surface and depth filteration
    Reduce diameter of pressure vessel/
Mild steel pressure vessels   Rigid and long lasting
Internal protection ( Bituminous paint or rubbed lined)   Protection against Corrosion
External Protection ( Red Oxide Primer )    
Diaphragm/Butterfly Valves ( Based on flow )   Ease of operating the valves manually
Pressure guage at inlet and outlet   At a glance one can know the status of plant
Can use influent water for backwash   No need of air blower, Filtered water tank and pumps for backwash

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