FRP Softners - Introduction
Range : Maximum flow
Manual                             - 14m3/h
Semi Automatic             - 6m3/h
Fully Automatic               - 16m3/h

To produce soft water confirming to commercial zero hardness
Industrial Specific
Boiled feed (low pressure)
Textile processing, beverage production
Cooling water make-up, hospitals, laundaries
RO pretreatment
Domestic application
Feature   Benefit
Pre fabricated units   Easy to install and commission
Skid Mounted   No civil work required
Moldes based on flow rates   Ease os selection
Just four frontal PVC pipes   Lower inventory of spares
Single lever operated multiport plastc valve   Ease of operation minimize human error
FRP Pressure vessel   Light weight, Lower transportation cost
Reduce components by 65% to 70%   Low spares inventory
    Single lever operated multiport valve/ball valve
Sodium form of resin manufactured at our ISO 9002 certified unit   Efficient, easilt regenerated using NaCl solution
MOC of valves-plastic   Non corrosive, sturdy
Skid mounted   Concrete foundation not required
Single lever operated   Easy to operate multiport plastic valve minimises human error
FRP Pressure vessel   Low Manitenance
Only four frontal PVC piping   Little Manitenance, Low spares inventory
Services at locations across the country   Speedy rectification reducing breakdown time
Cost reduction compared with conventional mild steel constructed vessel
Upto 15% due to   Low maintenance
No civil work, Lower cost transportation
Speedy installation
Intangible benefit   Aesthetic


Feature   Benefit
Top mounted single valve with brass body   Lower inventory, multiport control rugged and robust
Electricity not required   No need to worry about power failures, voltage fluctuatuations and electricity cost
At just turn of a knob, unit goes for regeneration   Ensure consistent quality
Easy to operate   No human error
Corrosion resistent components   Little maintenance
Service companies at 17 locations across country   Speedy rectification reducing the breakdown time


Softners - Introduction
Inhouse Research & Development
No of units sold - 3000
To soften water for various applications

Industrial Specific
Textile, Sugar, Power Plant, Food and Beverages, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Cement

Feature   Benefit
Up flow or Down flow   Choice of selection
Unit dimensions fixed ie diameter and height on straight flow rate and resin volume   Optimise the selection
Operating pressure fixed at 3.5kg/cm2g   Operates at optimum pressure
Use resins manufactured in ISO certified facility   Ensures consistent quality of treated water
Mild steel pressure vessels   Rigid and long lasting
Internal protection ( Bituminous paint or rubbed lined)   Protection against Corrosion
External Protection ( Red Oxide Primer )    
Diaphragm/Butterfly Valves ( Based on flow )   Ease of operating the valves manually
Pressure guage at inlet and outlet   At a glance one can know the status of plant
Top up 10% resin once a year   Very little maintenance
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